The Mysterious Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Accident or Conspiracy?

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Baltimore bridge collapse involving a cargo ship and the emergence of conspiracy theories surrounding the incident. The unfolding events and speculations surrounding this mysterious occurrence.

The Incident: Unfolding of Events

On Tuesday, March 26, just before 1:30 AM, a nearly 1000-foot container cargo ship approached a 1.6-mile-long steel bridge in Baltimore. Despite nearing the bridge, the ship did not slow down, flickering on and off as it approached. The vessel, less than half an hour into a 27-day journey to Sri Lanka, issued a mayday call but failed to drop anchor in time. Officials managed to halt vehicle traffic onto the bridge but couldn't evacuate all maintenance workers before the ship collided with a pillar. The impact led to an immediate collapse, with eight men plunging into the water. While two were rescued, two others remain unaccounted for.

Speculations and Conspiracy Theories Emerge

Following the release of video footage capturing the incident, numerous conspiracy theories emerged. Left-leaning conspiracists attributed the collapse to fuel issues, while right-leaning factions suggested a cyberattack or DEI-related sabotage.

Amidst the uncertainty, distrust in mainstream narratives has fueled the proliferation of conspiracy theories. With waning faith in institutions and religion, skepticism reigns supreme. As the investigation unfolds, the true cause of the collapse remains uncertain. However, initial indicators suggest a potential case of incompetence.

And the US is going to pay for the entire repair says Biden??

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