My most compassionate doctor advice I can give you is.....

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There is a huge price to pay for taking your body and energy for granted

From all my GP and Functional Medicine days, and my experiences in the field of somatics, psycho-spiritual-energetics, and the human condition, as well as being a mother of 3, I know that:


- the deepest of root causes of most diseases is suppressed emotions


- the most impactful route of healing and finding inner peace with it is through CONSISTENT and SUPPORTED somatic movement and energy field work (mindful body movement with awareness, breathwork and energy work), not talk therapies


- Your body and brain will only reveal to you what you are ready for. You are likely to be disconnected from and unconscious of so much of your emotional stress and heaviness. Your body will only go as deep as your nervous system and energetic resources will allow.


- in order to experience higher states of pleasure/joy/love, manifest your dreams and desires, and live and lead a life, business and mission you love, you need to be courageous and open (and feel safe) enough to experience the depths of fear, anger, sadness and grief, FULLY, in your body. This only lasts for a few seconds, and passes through you, rather than re-traumatising and staying stuck within you.


- Your body and brain can rewire / re-learn / be resourced relatively quickly with a little and often approach, in the form of a daily practice. You don't need hours and hours of time that you don't have.


This goes beyond the endorphin high from 'kitchen dancing', 'dance therapy' or pretending you're OK when you really aren't deep inside.


With consistent practice and support, this will transform your energy and life forever.



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