What can coaching do for you?

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A blog about why you might want to work with a coach and who you might want to work with

Have you ever been coached?

The chances are you have because at the very least you've probably coached yourself.  You wanted to achieve something and you needed to plan out what you were going to do?  You probably asked yourself questions.  You started a project and needed to change your plans?  You reflected and moved forward.  You achieved something and felt proud of yourself?  You probably had a look and what you did so that you could do it again.

All those times are you looking inside yourself for answers and finding them.  In NLP, we would say that we always have the answer and you can most definitely find them for yourself.

Why then, would you choose to work with a coach?

Quite simply, a coach on your wavelength supports you to be your best self.  Yes, you could do all that work yourself, but it's definitely a lot harder to get motivated and make excuses when yoiu are the only person involved.  I don't know about you, but I certainly do some of my best work when I need to confess to someone else why I haven't done it.

A good coach will save you so much time going round in circles by asking the questions that need to be asked in a supportive and non judgemental way without giving room for excuses.

Yes, you can do it all without a coach, but a better question is, would you want to?

If you are interested in finding out more about coaching, NLP or practical magic, come along and connect with me and let's see those sparks of your new growth starting to fly.

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