The Value of Investing in a Writing Coach

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Are you ready to brush up your writing skills in a more personalised setting?

Improving your writing skills can have benefits beyond just improving the quality of your books. These benefits can help you save both time and money. Honing your writing abilities can enhance productivity, streamline your process, and ultimately lead to significant savings.

Effective writing skills enable you to articulate your story clearly and concisely. By mastering the art of sentence structure, you can save time on self-edits, allowing you to increase your output and publish more books in less time.

 The ability to write stronger first drafts reduces the need for extensive revision. Clear writing ensures that your books are written effectively from the start, reducing the time spent on revising, AND tighter writing means you are paying less for editing. Lower word count means lower costs! 

Part of my job as your coach is to identify where you need extra help and provide ways for you to work on those issues. That could be via worksheets or simply me talking you through them until you have it nailed. There is no limit on how many times you can email me to ask for my help. For twelve weeks, my focus is on you and ensuring you get what you need from our sessions, and post-coaching, I don't just wave you off forever! You will still have priority access to me over non-coaching students, so you will never feel alone! 

If you like the idea of one-to-one coaching, please reach out to me at so we can chat! 

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