Banish Your Blurb Writing Blues!

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Almost every author feels a shiver of trepidation when it comes to writing their blurb, but I have the perfect thing for you!

It's a rare author who relishes the idea of writing a blurb. It's such a challenge to write about your own book in a way that sounds appealing but doesn't give too much away, and countless hours can be spent writing, re-writing, freaking out, then doing the whole process over and over again. At best, it's a headache. At worst, it's days feeling frustrated and wanting to give up.

There are some very simple tips you can use to create the perfect blurb. It begins with a fantastic tagline that will make a reader want to know more. Take a look at your favourite online bookstore and you will see plenty of examples of this. 

The next thing you need is to introduce your characters and their situation so the reader knows what the setup of the story will be. Following that, there must be a clear indication of the dilemma they will face, along with why this matters to them. Why it's a challenge. Finally, a strong end that will leave the reader NEEDING to know what happens at the end. 

If you are an author who needs to write a blurb soon, I hope these quick tips will help you. If you need further advice and guidance, my Boss Your Blurb course in available now and you can grab it here! 

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