10 Tips for Choosing a Banging Book Title

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Struggling to choose the perfect book name? Here are ten tips on how to choose your perfect book title!

Book titles can be notoriously challenging to come up with - almost as challenging as the dreaded blurb! You need something that will encompass everything your story is about, ideally without using a title already in use, but also something that is catchy and gives just ENOUGH information. It's a LOT to think about, so here are some tips to help you.


  1. Reflect the essence of your story: Your book title should offer a glimpse into the essence of your story. Think about what your book is really about, not just the story overall, but the emotions and perhaps the message, if you have one. 
  2. Keep it simple: While a clever title seems appealing - and they CAN work -  simplicity is the key. A straightforward, easy-to-understand title is more likely to appeal.
  3. No cliches: As you probably know, I am a big fan of avoiding cliches! Try to keep away from any phrases or titles that are already commonly used. You want to be unique.
  4. Keyword inclusion: SEO is a big deal, so if you can make your title include a keyword, you will be winning! I suspect this is why so many titles these days are extremely direct such as "Dating  My Forbidden Stepbrother" (I have no idea if that is a real book, but you get the idea. ;) )
  5. Use character names: These days, using the character's name in the title is popular. Personally, it doesn't necessarily work for me because it doesn't give an indication of what the story is about - however, the cover can do that for you, so it's definitely a viable option. 
  6. Alliteration: Alliteration is a great thing to use to make your title memorable. If you can find words that work for your book, it's a winner!
  7. Ask for feedback: Author friends and your readers are the best people to discuss title struggles with. If you are stuck, ask for some opinions. 
  8. Imagine it: When thinking of a title, why not use your imagination and think about how it would look on a cover? If you have the skills, you could even make a mock-up.
  9. Research your genre: Your book title should fall reasonably in line with other titles in your genre. SO, have a little look at bestseller lists and see what kinds of things are working for other authors. 
  10. Take your time: Although it's frustrating, take your time when you're thinking of a title. Rushing it could lead to a costly mistake.

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