Are You Taking Care of ALL of Your Authorly Needs - Self-Care is Crucial

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As authors, we are not always so good at looking after ourselves. But, I can help!

As writers, and sometimes as humans, we don't always give ourselves everything we need.

In fact, we are all usually very good at putting ourselves last.

However, that is not good for you in any aspect of your life, even writing.

Think about it. If you are always putting your needs behind everyone else's, you're going to become drained. And drained is not a good headspace for writing. Many of us are already IN that place.

The Write Here, Write Now Writers' Community has a section - worksheets included - on how to make sure you are fitting in your own self-care to your daily routine. It walks you through the steps to help you figure out what YOU need and how to fit it in.

This isn't your average "Take a bath or go for a walk" advice. This advice gets to the root of who you are and what you need.

You see, Write Here, Write Now is about ALL of you. Yes, there is a lot of writing advice and chat, but we want to look at mindset and your overall wellbeing too.

If you could allow yourself the time for self-care, imagine how much more you could achieve!

Next month's masterclass is a rose reiki session with the exceptional Colette Malcolm, and you do not want to miss out! 

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