Level Up Your Productivity: The Ultimate Guide to Gamifying Your Tasks

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Level up your task list by gamifying it into an epic quest to massive achievement!

Do you struggle with feeling productive? Do you like games? Then I have a way to help you be productive while having fun! We all know the struggle of juggling multiple tasks while trying to keep our businesses thriving. But do not fear as I am here to introduce to you a game changing concept of task gamification. With my ADHD, I find it difficult to start some tasks that I find boring and do not give me a dopamine hit so by turning these tasks into a game helps. Imagine you are in a video game where completing a task off your list gives you experience points and helps you to level up. Sounds intriguing? Well buckle up as we are about to dive into the fun and adventurous world of gamifying your tasks!


Understanding Task Gamification

What is task gamification? Think of it as injecting a dose of excitement and competition into your daily tasks to make them more engaging and fun. It’s like turning your workday into a quest where you’re the fearless hero battling through challenges and conquering tasks left, right and centre. And guess what? Science backs it up! Studies have shown that gamification taps into our innate desire for achievement and rewards which makes us more motivated and productive. 


Task Gamification Ideas: Getting Started

Now that we know the concept, let’s talk about practical ways to gamify your tasks. The first step is to set yourself a clear goal. It’s like defining your mission objectives before embarking on a quest. Without a clear target, you’ll be wandering aimlessly in the productivity wilderness and we do NOT want that. Next you need to choose which tasks you will gamify as not all tasks will need to be gamified. Only choose the ones that could benefit from it the most. Here are some ideas on gamifying your tasks:

  • Points Based Systems: Rack up points for every task you complete and when you reach a certain level, give yourself a reward. Watch your productivity soar!
  • Challenges and Quests: Turn mundane tasks into exciting missions to keep things interesting.
  • Time Based Challenges: Race against the clock to see how quickly you can conquer your to do list. I like to do this one with house work tasks as I don’t like doing them so the quicker they are done, the quicker I can move on.
  • Collaborative Games: Team up with business owners and compete to see who can tick off the most tasks. This can be done over a messenger app or as a video call co-working session.
  • Incorporating Rewards: Make sure to treat yourself with a little reward every time you reach a milestone. After all, who doesn’t love some positive reinforcement?

Implementing Task Gamification Strategies

Now that you have the game plan sorted, it’s time to put it into action. First, you should choose the right tools and apps for you to track these tasks and how you have gamified them. My favourite is Notion.  You can find apps that cover what you need to help gamify your tasks. Once you’ve found the perfect tool, it’s all about designing an engaging experience. Think catchy tunes or maybe some friendly competition to keep you on your toes. I have a playlist on Spotify that helps me keep my list engaging. I dance around where I can or if I am sitting down, pretend I am a pop star belting out tunes. Of course, no new thing is without its challenges but with a little perseverance and a sprinkle of creativity, you’ll be a gamification guru in no time.


Remember, productivity doesn’t have to be boring as they can be turned into epic quests on your hero’s journey. 


How will you use your tasks to help you level up?

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