Tackling Real Issues in Fiction

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The importance of forging fiction with reality.


Fiction is generally a thing people turn to to escape the real world. A place to hide in the lighter side of life so the harshness of the everyday can be blocked out. As an author, that is why I write, and that is MOSTLY why I like to keep my books on the tamer side. 

But from a young age, I have always felt that writing a story should always have some kind of message within the pages. Maybe because when I read as a child, lots of kids' stories had some underlying pearls of wisdom I could take away with me. 

It occurred to me that there is always a way to add real life to fiction to offer a voice to those who can't yet speak out. Offer hope to those who need it. Mostly, to offer comfort and the peace of finding something inside a story that they can relate to that will make them feel less alone. 

It is that relatability that will make readers fall in love with your books. There is a place for fantasy and stories that are far from reality, for sure. But once a reader resonates with your words, you have a fan for life. 

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