The Power of Prioritising You

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Let's delve into something truly important today - the essence of "Only One You." Yes, that's right. We're talking about that unique, wonderful, and utterly irreplaceable individual - you!


Consider this, when you're on an aeroplane, the safety instructions always advise you to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others. It might seem counterintuitive at first, but it makes perfect sense. You can't assist anyone else if you're struggling yourself.

The same principle applies to life. You've got to ensure your own 'oxygen mask' is secure - that your needs are met, your well-being is nurtured, and your cup is full. After all, as the saying goes, "You can't pour from an empty cup."

Prioritising yourself might feel strange at first. Society often tells us that it's selfish or wrong to put ourselves first. But let's set the record straight, taking care of yourself isn't selfish; it's essential.

Why not start off small and build up. Perhaps choose just one thing per week that you can do for yourself initially. Journal on your progress as you go along and notice how you feel. 

I've embraced this philosophy wholeheartedly, and let me tell you, it's been a game-changer. I make a point of carving out time for myself regularly, whether it's a coffee break with a friend, indulging in a hobby, or simply some quiet reflection time. And the impact? It's undeniable.

When I'm feeling my best, I bring a positive, vibrant energy to everything I do. And that positivity ripples out, affecting everyone around me. It's proof that prioritising yourself isn't just beneficial for you; it's beneficial for everyone in your orbit.

So, don't be afraid to speak up about your needs. Let your loved ones know when you need to recharge, and encourage them to support you in that. After all, we're all connected, and our individual well-being affects the collective. And they don't know how you feel if you don't tell them. 

As you continue on this journey of self-love and wellness, always remember, there is only one you. And that unique you deserves all the love, care, and priority in the world. So, take a moment to secure your 'oxygen mask,' fill your 'cup,' and let your light shine bright. Because when you thrive, everyone around you thrives.

Oh, and speaking of self-care, if you're looking for a little me-time, I've got just the thing for you - my online group Rose Reiki session happening this Sunday (7th April)! It's an opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate for an energy exchange of only £7.77.

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And feel free to reach out for support if you need it or have any questions. 

Thanks for reading and again remember, there is only one you.

Lots of love 


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